The Selection Process

The Skandalaris Family Foundation is not accepting new scholarship applications at this time. We will continue to accept Scholarship Renewal Applications for current scholarship students.

What is involved in the selection process?

A selection committee, comprised of family members and officers of the Foundation, reviews the completed applications and carefully select the college scholarship recipients. Recipients are chosen based on a number of factors, with special emphasis on each individual’s character, grade point average, achievement test scores, essay, accomplishments outside of the classroom, and future potential, with some consideration for financial need.

When are the scholarship recipients notified?

Skandalaris Family Foundation college scholarship recipients will be notified in writing approximately 30 days after the indicated mailing deadline.

Are there terms of acceptance?

Skandalaris Family Foundation college scholarship recipients are expected to maintain a high record of achievement and personal ethics. You must keep in contact with the Foundation through correspondence and advise the Foundation promptly of any change in your academic situation.

Additionally, you must make a final decision on the college you will be attending and receive your acceptance to that college by the scholarship filing deadline. This must include a full description of any financial aid granted by other sources. A change in school to be attended after your application is submitted may result in termination of your application. Should you change your school of choice after being awarded a scholarship the award will be automatically rescinded.

How will the scholarship funds be disbursed?

In August, The Foundation will send scholarship checks, made payable to the school of choice, directly to the recipient. Specific requests for an alternate payment of the scholarship funds must be directed to the Foundation in writing.